400 GSM Cotton Face Towel Set, 4 Pcs
400 GSM Cotton Face Towel Set, 4 Pcs
400 GSM Cotton Face Towel Set, 4 Pcs
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400 GSM Cotton Face Towel Set, 4 Pcs

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Towels are made from ringspun cotton, which is naturally strong and super soft. Coming out of the bath or shower is no longer a chore when using these products because the fabric glides effortlessly and warmly around your body. Our towels are plush and absorbent. They feel as if they simply remove and dissipate moisture from your skin, preventing that feeling of rubbing damp cloth over yourself you may get from other towels. Perfect for men, women, kids, new born babies and even ideal as a gift pack. The bathmat is perfectly coordinated with the towels set. Made from 100% microfiber, it is super absorbent and dries your feet fast. Comes with anti slip rubber backing to avoid accidents and injuries in the bathroom

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