650 GSM Egyptian Cotton Hand Towel, 4 Pcs
650 GSM Egyptian Cotton Hand Towel, 4 Pcs
650 GSM Egyptian Cotton Hand Towel, 4 Pcs
650 GSM Egyptian Cotton Hand Towel, 4 Pcs
650 GSM Egyptian Cotton Hand Towel, 4 Pcs
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650 GSM Egyptian Cotton Hand Towel, 4 Pcs

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Not only deliciously soft to the touch, but our Egyptian cotton blended towels also have a lavish thickness that makes them look invitingly glamorous when hanging on your towel rail, and are easy to care for with a simple machine wash and tumble dry to keep their extra fine yarn fluffy and soft. The perfect way to end a luxurious soak in the bath or extra long shower, wrapping yourself in our thick and extra absorbing Egyptian cotton blended towels is the little indulgence you can enjoy every day.

Egyptian Cotton Blend: Long fibers of Egyptian Cotton have been blended with Indian cotton to get a luxurious towel at an affordable price.

Certified Non-Toxic: Our products are certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100 and are tested to be free from 350 harmful chemicals, making them safe for sensitive skin and for your home.

Lab Tested: We test all our products and meet international standards of absorbency, color fastness, and bleeding. Kindly refer to the product wash care instructions for laundering.

About AVI Living: We are manufacturers and exporters of Home Textiles, since 1968. We travel the world to find the best materials and designs and use the most sensible manufacturing methods. We thoroughly test each item and rely on feedback from our customers to help us deliver the highest quality. We bring the best of international designs and quality to the conscious Indian customer.


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